The Team

Together with our team of contributors, we’re revolutionising the way parents and families going through health journeys make friends, exchange support and interact. We firmly believe that we’re stronger together – and that sharing our experiences helps us feel less alone. Whatever health or disability journey your family is on, we’ve got your back. 

Jessica Barker Friendili

Jessica Barker - Founder

Jessica founded Friendili because of her own family’s experience with rare disease. Jessica is passionate about making sure families don’t ‘do it alone’, and works with a team of developers who are constantly striving to improve user experience.

Dr Lauren

Dr Lauren Hamilton

Dr Lauren Hamilton is passionate about women’s health and has worked as a London-based NHS doctor for nearly a decade. After working in surgery for the NHS and privately as a cosmetic and women’s wellness doctor, she is now training to be a GP. Dr Lauren empowers people with the skills and knowledge to take ownership of their health, and takes an individualised and holistic approach to her patients.

Dr Victoria Galbraith

Dr Victoria Galbraith

Dr Victoria Galbraith is a renowned Psychologist based in Shropshire, passionate about destigmatising mental health conditions. She supports people in person and via online video calls with psychological difficulties, such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and relationship breakdowns. She is also a published author, researcher, lecturer and mindfulness teacher, with a keen love of nature.

Dr Alexandra Gregory

Dr Alexandra Gregory is an Educational Psychologist and sibling to someone with complex needs. Through her work privately and her Local Authority, she supports families, children, young people and schools through consultations, assessments, intervention, training and research. She has a special interest in support for siblings of children with additional needs, as well as developmental trauma.

Preet Anand Mood Interiors

Preet Anand

Preet Anand is an Interior Designer and co-founder of Yoof by Mood, an interior design consultancy that specialises in the healthcare sector. She works with families and care environments across the UK to create accessible, functional and show-stopping spaces that children and young adults love. Preet is a well-known speaker in the sector, with a special interest in autism design, sensory spaces and colour psychology.

Friendili social networking for send families and families facing health challenges

Sophie Cook, RGN

Sophie is a Senior Specialist Emergency Department Nurse with a keen interest in family health and wellbeing. She’s passionate about people-centred care and has direct experience of parenting a child with complex health needs. She’s also an avid writer on the topics of bereavement and loss.

Gaye Staffordshire Peadiatric Occupational Therapy

Gaye Griffiths

Gaye is an independent Occupational Therapist and mother to a child with complex health needs. She’s passionate about working with families to improve quality of life and create transformational change. She has over 20 years’ experience and specialises in neurodevelopment techniques, sensory integration and DIR Floortime.

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