Health & Wellbeing

The First Breath: An Emotional and Touching Read

If your child has complex health needs, you may be familiar with the NICU rollercoaster. The fear, love, confusion – the navigation …


A Step in the Right Direction – A Friend

Recently my four-year-old was looking through his communication folder and he came to the part that has the staff photos from his …

Health & Wellbeing

Don’t Exclude Disabled People In Post-Lockdown World, Warns Charity

With shielding set to pause this Saturday, the UK’s disabled people are at risk of being excluded from society and worried about …

Health & Wellbeing

Why We Need to Talk About Chromosome Deletions

My daughter, Poppy, is one in 55,000. She has a rare genetic condition called 18q minus syndrome, which essentially means she’s missing …

Health & Wellbeing

Trauma Can Leave its Mark on Your Eyes, Researchers Say

New research by Welsh academics shows that a patient’s pupils can reveal if they have suffered a traumatic experience in the past. …

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